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This is Vivek Nair - The Thrifty Marketer

I bring in over 15 years of diverse experience in brand and community building for several brands like Pall Lifesciences, Metrohm AG, and more. I have immense experience in building marketing teams from scratch and establish cost-effective marketing growth engines for organizations. I am a big proponent of Inbound Marketing and the power of content for building a loyal following for brands. 

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I advise Small and Medium Businesses on cost-effective digital marketing strategies for Growth & Community Building.

Small & Medium Businesses (SMBs) are the backbone of every economy but they have to struggle the maximum to stay alive. Most SMB owners struggle with building a brand with a community supporting it during good and bad times. To add to their woes, most SMBs do not have the necessary budgets to build a marketing engine for brand building. Worry not anymore. Let me introduce you to The Thrifty Marketer. 

I started The Thrifty Marketer to help SMB owners to be the marketers themselves and to provide the necessary support for them to build their brand. Be it digital marketing or content marketing or social media marketing, I want to introduce SMB owners to the "real" thrifty methods of promoting and building their brand.


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Here are some of my clients whom I have helped in the past and some of the esteemed publications whom I wrote for. 


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