10 Ways Twitter Marketing Can Help Your Startup Grow

Ok. Let me start with a couple of questions.

  • How many of you startup founders and SMB owners are on Twitter?

  • How many of you use it for personal and professional purposes?

If you answered “YES” to my questions, let’s do a “High-five” friends.

Twitter is my favourite social media network for startup and SMB marketing and I advise my clients to leverage it for their benefit.

Why is Twitter a fantastic network for Startup and SMB marketing?

Let’s look at some statistics.

According to a Brandwatch post,

  • Twitter has 310 million monthly active users

  • 29.2% of US social media users are on Twitter

  • 79% of the accounts are held outside the US.

As a founder or a business owner, this is exciting news because your prospects gotta be there on Twitter, for sure.

So in this post, I am going to introduce you to 10 benefits which Twitter marketing has provided to my startup and SMB clients.

Let’s have a closer look at the benefits Twitter marketing can provide:

The best source for finding your beta users

One of the biggest challenges every startup founder struggles with during initial days is finding the right beta users for his/her product. The right set of beta users is the perfect source for gathering genuine feedback about your product before its launch. That can help every founder to improve the product before taking it to the market.

Twitter is the perfect pool of individuals from where a founder can select his beta user group. I will suggest 2 tools at the end of this post which one can use for finding the right individuals.

Perfect avenue to build your fan base/ community

For every startup, a community of early adopters and fans is crucial for their success. These are the individuals who will help you gain traction and new users. A genuine group of followers is a symbol of the trust the startup has generated among them.

Twitter is the perfect platform for building such a loyal fan base for your startup. Identify the right individuals, connect with them, help them and engage with them. A loyal group of followers can help you in a million ways.

Best network to share your content

As a startup marketer, you will be creating lots of content which will be aligned to your target audience’s choices. Creating awesome content is not enough; it has to be put in front of right prospects. That will boost the engagement and conversations start happening.

Twitter is the perfect place to share your content with your target audience. You can guide them to visit your website or blog or offer pages by posting relevant content via your twitter account. Use of relevant hashtags can also help you reach the right folks.

Best lead generation tool

Lead generation is one of the most important tasks of every startup founder and marketer. Without leads, you are not going to achieve your goals and will become stagnant. Having said that, it is one of the most challenging tasks for every startup team.

Twitter is one of those ideal networks where you can identify, connect, target and engage with the right prospects. The right approach can push them into the next level of becoming leads for your product.

Perfect platform for Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is a buzzword these days and one can observe every firm is trying to employ it for their marketing success. Influencers can provide that extra boost using content marketing efforts need. A single shout-out from an influencer can improve the performance of your content piece.

Twitter is the perfect avenue to find, connect and engage with the right influencers. After connecting with right influencers, you can warm up to them, earn their trust and then, at the right moment, ask for help.

Helping hand for monitoring competition

Every startup team will be competing against several startups or established players in the market. It is really a daunting task to keep an eye on your competition and predict their next moves which can affect your success.

Twitter is the perfect platform for monitoring your competition and gauging their activities. It is one of the important tasks for every startup marketer. Using Twitter, one can find out about the campaigns, strategies, hashtags, influencers and tactics used by the competition.

Easy to use content curation tool

Every marketer will agree with me when I say producing content persistently is an intimidating task. Coming up with new content ideas, producing them, sharing and monitoring the performance can drain your energy. That’s where content curation can come in handy. Content curation helps in gathering the right themed content from various sources and customizing them for your audience. It saves a lot of time and (trust me) you will be never short of content ideas.

Twitter is an ideal platform for content curation for marketers. It allows you to search content by relevant hashtags and find the right ones.

Best networking platform

Networking is another important skill every Startup founder and SMB owner should possess. It will help you in connecting with the right individuals or organizations at the right time.

Twitter is the best network for networking. You can determine your networking goals (who do you want to connect with) and identify the right individuals and engage.

Ideal place for finding funding

Finding the right funders can play a pivotal role in every startup’s success. Right funding can set the right growth trajectory for the startup. But it is very difficult to find the right funding source most of the times.

Twitter should be your go-to network for finding the right funders for your idea. It is really easy to find, connect and engage with the right funding.

P.S: Trust me, I have done this.

Perfect place to find partnership opportunities

As today’s world is moving slowly towards a collaborative approach, it is advised that every startup founder should keep an eye open for partnership opportunities. An ideal partnership can help your startup to make the crucial pivot, gain traction and become successful.

Twitter is a network filled with talented folks from various areas. I recommend taking your time to identify the right folks, connect with and put in efforts to make genuine relationships.

So these are the 10 ways that I could think of (as of now) for your startup to leverage Twitter Marketing for your benefit.

My Favourite 2 tools for Twitter Marketing

As mentioned above, here are 2 of my favourite tools which you can employ for the most important task in Twitter Marketing: Audience Research.

Followerwonk: Can be used to find out more about your followers and also perfect for identifying the right influencers and much more. Access it here.

Twitter Advanced Search: Twitter advanced search tool is ideal for user research and it provides lots of filtering options like geography, hashtags etc. Access it here.

So make use of these tools and start hustling.