5 Essential Tips For Effective Brand Building

What is a Brand?

According to the Marketing Guru Philip Kotler, A brand is a name, term, sign, symbol, or design or a combination of them, intended to identify the goods and services of one seller or group of sellers and to differentiate them from those of the competitor.

Source: https://heidicohen.com/30-branding-definitions/

If you ask any marketer, he/she will make you understand how difficult it is to build a brand from scratch. It is a tough journey to conceptualise, design, develop and establish a brand which is liked by the target audience. It calls for a lot of planning, time, money and other resources from a marketer.

Having said that, no entrepreneur or business or marketer can ignore the importance of the brand. A brand is what makes every user remember a particular product or service when he/she is looking for the same. For example, whenever I feel like sipping a cup of coffee, the first store or brand which my eyes will search for is Starbucks. That is the impact of Starbucks as a brand has on me.

So building a brand is not an easy task, but can we make the process simplified? Yes we can.

We need to focus on several tips and lessons from successful brands so that we can rely on those while building our own brand. Here are 5 super tips to keep in mind while you are building your brand:

A Clear Brand Story

If you compare a brand to a superhero, they both rely on their origin story for their existence. To be successful as a brand, you must have a clear story about your brand. A good and clear story will help your audience connect with you better and embrace it.

Your story should be so authentic that every person who comes in contact with it should feel special. Your brand story should explain the reason behind your existence.

Questions you can ask to get your story right can be:

  • How did you start your journey?

  • What prompted you to start the journey?

  • Who all were with you when you started this journey?

  • How did you tackle the challenge which you faced in the initial days?

  • How was the journey from the beginning up until now?

Tip: It is better to read the origin stories of some of the exciting brands in the world. For example, Airbnb or Uber.

Distinct Brand Attributes

A brand is just not a logo or a symbol; it is much more than that. In today’s world, a brand’s identity is formed and maintained by the unique characteristics of the same. Customers recall brands based on the experience they provide, the messaging they use, and the visual characteristics they exhibit.

If you want to establish a brand which sticks around with your audience, you need to clear on several attributes of the same. For example:

  • What are your brand colours?

  • How distinct is your logo?

  • How catchy is your tagline?

  • What is your brand’s personality? Casual, Formal or mix of both

  • How clear is your brand communication?

You need to define these qualities clearly for your brand as they have a major impact on the future.

Clarity On The Target Audience

This is one of the most important tips for an effective brand building as this can make or break a brand. Every brand owner must define their target audience with the utmost clarity. You need to clear on who is going to use your product or service and their unique characteristics.

Knowing your target audience well can help a brand marketer in multiple ways. It can help you understand whether your brand will appeal to them. It will help you design your brand better to appeal to them. It can help you design your communication suited for them.

Knowing your customer well is a key factor in your brand’s success. Your knowledge of your target audience can help you reach them better, serve them better and delight them into brand loyalists.

Authentic Communication

Another tip which can help you in building your brand is the authenticity in your communication. As a brand, you should be adamant that you will communicate the true values of your brand. Consumers of today embrace brands who are truthful in their communication and who stand for the same.

Every brand communication of yours should be based on your brand promise and unique attributes. Any deviance from the same or miscommunication can be detrimental for your brand in the long term. Every brand owner must understand this truth while putting in efforts to build a brand.

At the end, everyone will remember a brand which stood true to their values and delivered on the same.

Always Deliver On Your Promises

This is the most important factor or tip for building a successful brand. A brand MUST always deliver on its promises. That means you don’t promise something which your brand cannot deliver and whatever is promised will be delivered.

Here’s where your authentic communication will also play a key role. As a brand, you will never deliver false promises and fail to deliver the same. Staying true to your values will help you deliver on your promises.

A brand which always meets the expectations of its end users is a brand which will be successful as it will be carried forward by its users via word of mouth. Delivering on your promises is the best tactic to win the confidence of your customers and convert them into brand advocates.

So here are my 5 tips which can help you in building a brand which will delight customers and earn a high recall. As a brand marketer, set your values right, stick to them, communicate authentically and reap the benefits.