The SMB Talks Episode 41 | Mental Health During & Post COVID19 - Practices To Follow with Shriya

As part of our Mental Health Awareness Month talks, today we will be chatting with Shriya, Psychological Counsellor - Dear Mind

Topic: Mental Health During & Post COVID19 - Practices To Follow

Shriya holds a Master's degree in Clinical psychology and has been working in the field for almost 3 years now. She first worked with grow2fly as a junior remedial educator and then as a school counselor under the Jidnyasa assessment and counseling Centre at Paranjape School. Currently, she is associated with Albot Pvt.Ltd as a consultant psychologist. She is also associated with the organization “Dear Mind” as a counselor and has her own private practice of psychological counseling where she has been handling clients from age 16-38 years with issues related to emotional disturbance, marital and relationship problems, and psychological well being, etc. Shriya is co-founder of UNICO, a mental health platform. She is also associated with Sakaal Media Group where she writes blogs for their mental health initiative 'We are in this together (WAITT)'.


  • Best ways to cope up with the uncertainties and trauma most of us are going through now

  • How can individuals cope with this loneliness and isolation due to COVID19?

  • Advice on managing negativity and stress from social media and the digital world

  • Best practices you recommend to everyone to stay on top of their mental health nowadays

  • Top advice to keep Fear, Worry, and Stress at bay

  • How can individuals manage and cope up with Anxiety?

  • And more

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