The SMB Talks Episode 43 feat Nidhi Tewari | Mental Health And Entrepreneurship

Episode 43 of The SMB Talks featured Nidhi Tewari - An acclaimed Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

Nidhi Tewari is an acclaimed Licensed Clinical Social Worker, mental health therapist, and sought-after speaker with more than a decade of experience. She is an EMDR International Association Certified EMDR therapist and uses this expertise to treat and reduce trauma-related symptoms and anxiety, stress, performance anxiety, and grief.

Topic: Entrepreneurship and Mental Health


  • Recent stats show that 30% of entrepreneurs are struggling with Clinical Depression. The common reasons behind this alarming trend

  • What are the common signs of mental illness that entrepreneurs SHOULD not ignore?

  • Why entrepreneurs should prioritize their mental health while putting in all the efforts to build their business?

  • Burnout is another common phenomenon that happens with entrepreneurs. How can they prevent such instances?

  • Emotional Fitness is something that is always discussed along with mental health. How can entrepreneurs improve their emotional fitness?

  • And more.

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