The SMB Talks Episode 49 | The Pluc.TV Story and Creator Economy feat Tamseel Hussain, Founder

Episode 49 of The SMB Talks featured Tamseel Hussain, Founder & CEO - Pluc.TV

Topic: The Pluc.TV Story and Creator Economy


  • Creator Economy & The Future Prospects

  • Major Challenges faced by Creators today

  • How can storytelling bring in real social change and behavioral shifts?

  • Pluc.TV - The Origin Story

  • Pluc.TV - The Impact

  • And more

In order to learn more about the creator economy please click:

The video is all about creator economy valuable information but also try to cover the following subject:

  • What is the Creator Economy?

  • Creator Economy 2021

  • How much do creators get paid?

One thing I observed when I was searching for info on creator economy was the lack of appropriate details. Creator economy nevertheless is a subject that I understand something about. This video therefore should matter and be of interest to you.

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