The SMB Talks Episode 51 | Communication Strategies for SMBs and Startups with Beki Winchel - PCMA

Episode 51 of The SMB Talks featured Beki Winchel, Learning Content & Research Developer - PCMA

Topic: Communication Strategies for SMBs and Startups


  • Communication can take various forms and shapes - be it external or internal. How important are internal communications?

  • Building a communication strategy is of paramount importance for every organization today. Why communication strategy is supercritical to start with?

  • What are the ideal baby steps for SMBs or Startups to build a cohesive communication strategy?

  • Top 3 advice on how to earn PR for every SMB or Startup

  • What is Purpose Driven Communication? Why is it important?

  • And more.

This video is all about Communication Strategies but also tries to cover the following subject:

  • Communication Best Practices

  • Strategy Communication

  • Effective Strategy Communications

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