Social Media
Management Services

Ideal For - Small & Medium Business Owners who need support with their social media marketing.

Did you know? More than 1 in 3 online users use social media while looking for information about a brand or a product. How amazing is that from an SMB owner standpoint, isn't it? 

As an SMB owner, you can leverage social media channels to boost your brand awareness, build a community, and grow your business. Social media channels can even become your avenue to sell products, take orders, and manage customer queries these days. 

But managing multiple social media channels while running a full-time business may be a tough nut to crack. But don't you worry- I can help you manage your social media effectively. You can avail any of The Thrifty Marketer social media packages and be rest assured that your social media channels are active and your customers are being served well. 

P.S: All social media packages come with content, posting, community management, and strategy sessions. 

SMB Social Media Management Services

Channels Managed

The most common channels I can help you manage are

  • Facebook (Pages & Groups)

  • LinkedIn Company Page

  • Twitter

  • YouTube, and

  • Instagram

Support Provided

The Thrifty Marketer Social Media Management packages start with a strategy session to understand your business and the audience. These packages cover

  • Setting up your social media channels (if you do not have them set up),

  • Developing a social media calendar for those channels,

  • Content development,

  • Scheduling the posts, and

  • Managing interactions on the channels.

Contact Me for more information of The Thrifty Social Media Management Packages.

TTM Social Media Management Packages

For seamless social media management and effective community building, you can avail The Thrifty Marketer Social Media Management Packages for your small and medium business. 

The packages are designed to manage the most important social media channels for SMBs from across industries. These packages can also be customized to suit your business needs, so contact me if you need any support there. 



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