#TheSMBTalks was started in May 2020 when the COVID19 pandemic hit all of us. This live show aims to bring on inspiring individuals and entrepreneurs who have a unique story to share with us. During these times when we can all use a bit of inspiration, #TheSMBTalks brings to you interesting discussions with interesting subject matter experts sharing insights on strategies and tactics to grow your business.

#TheSMBTalks has been graced by amazing individuals like Mark Schaefer, Rand Fishkin, Bryan Kramer, Joe Pulizzi, Jon Ferrara, and more. 

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Be A Guest On #TheSMBTalks?

If you have an interesting story to share or an entrepreneurial journey worth sharing or are a champion in your field, I would love to have a chat with you. I invite you as a guest on The SMB Talks.


Please drop a note to vivek@thethriftymarketer.com to schedule your appearance.